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Wednesday, January 14, 2009 CNY dinner

This weekend we had the pleasure of having an early Chinese New Year dinner at Lotus Vegetarian Restuarant, taste testing their S$358++ (10 pax) festive set menu with local bloggers Camemberu, Ladyironchef, Sheepishvegetarian, Singapuradailyphoto, Southernoise-gluttony, Superfinefeline and Leafmonkey.

Yes, you, you, you and you. All of us are guilty of being a murderer. And the real cause for their destruction, the demand for shark fins, a Chinese delicacy, always present during weddings and festive occasions. - Ladyironchef

Marketed as a health tonic, yet high in toxic mercury content, and usually bleached during production to give it a more desireable shade, Sharkfin doesn’t belong on anyone’s table this Chinese New Year, nor any wedding dinners for that matter. - Sheepishvegetarian

Photography courtesy of Bianca Polak
Lousy photography courtesy of Sharkman
Photography courtesy of Ladyironchef
As shark fin itself has no real flavour, it can be emulated with vegetarian ingredients such as kelp and green bean. For lovers of "shark fin" broth, vegetarian shark fin soup is a pretty good alternative! You can get it from 24-hour eateries such as Hong Kong Tea House (86 East Coast Road) to high-class places such as Lotus Vegetarian (201 Balestier Road, Quality Hotel).

Thank you all who celebrated Chinese New Year early with us!


Anonymous said...

If U are so worried about eating shark’s fin & other meat related items. The better solution would have been going vegetarian.

Your organization - are dime a dozen in the footsteps of those campaigning for a particular dinner table items to be off the menu.

The only real solution is to stop eating, taking, abusing & manipulating animals. Period.

sharkman said...

As a matter of fact, I am a vegan. There are many organizations campaigning vegetarian/vegan-lifestyles and I am sure they are doing their job well.

At we are only presenting the facts and offering alternatives. We present the option of choosing not to eat shark fin as a step towards a more ethical and biocentric lifestyle.

I'm sure this is a small step that many people will be able to undertake for now until they are ready for vegetarianism :)

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