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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Film Exposes Threats To Survival Of Great Whites

New documentary on great white sharks, watch the Island of the Great White trailers, and the CBS report, which i reckon had better summary footage.
Film Exposes Threats To Survival Of Great Whites
Jan 15, 2009 05:46 AM, CBS8

"I've been filming for 5 years now and never seen aggression either towards divers in cage or myself," Richard said.

"I wanted to present a realistic portrait of these animals, but also wanted to show working relationship between eco-tourism boats, the shark diving boats and the Mexican researchers that are there... why have they chosen Isla Guadalupe," he said.

"We're losing up to 100 million sharks a year, primarily to feed the Asian demand for shark fin soup and other shark products in these Asian countries," he said.

Richard hopes "Island of the Great White Shark" will give people a better appreciation for the fight sharks face every day to survive.

"We are not on their menu, that we don't need to fear these animals. They certainly are top predators and have an important role in marine ecosystems and we need them, but we should not necessarily fear them or fear putting our toe in the water," Richard said.

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