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Thursday, January 22, 2009

15 Sharks Die At Indy Zoo

This is a prime example of how "love" and "care" is no substitute for the natural environment of these pelagic and free-roaming creatures. I would hate for the whale shark destined for Resort World Singapore to suffer the same fate, due to human, mechanical or whatever error. It's just tragedy waiting to happen!
15 Sharks Die At Indy Zoo - Animals Overexposed To Ozone
POSTED: 3:41 pm EST January 20, 2009, Indiana News

Several sharks at the Indianapolis Zoo died early Tuesday after too much of a chemical was added to their tank.

Zoo spokeswoman Judy Gagen said 15 bonnethead sharks held in the Oceans building were found dead Tuesday.

Veterinarians at the zoo said that the sharks died as a result of too much ozone, which they described as an oxygen molecule in an electrically charged state that oxidizes, or dissolves, organic waste products in a pond or fish tank.

A system in the sharks' tank was taken offline for maintenance Monday night and was therefore unable to provide an accurate signal to the ozone generator, which continued to add ozone to the water overnight, Gagen said.

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