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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Served rubbery shark's fin but waiter said eat it while it's hot

This is so disgusting! Just stop eating shark fin, it's full of mercury and has to be heavily processed before becoming barely edible.
Served rubbery shark's fin but waiter said eat it while it's hot
Posted on 21 Jan, 2009 11:30 , Stomp forum

Says the STOMPer:

I went to Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant at Turf City yesterday to celebrate my nephew's birthday and was extremly disappointed with their shark's fin abalone soup at $28 per bowl.

We ordered 3 bowls and the shark's fin came out to be starchy.

The shark's fin was so rubbery that you could hardly chew and swallow, it was sort of like sea cucumber and it really tasted awful.


jazzmen10 said on 21 Jan, 2009
In the first place why r u still eating shark's fin??!!!

Glad to know some Singaporeans are on the side of conservation too!


Anonymous said...

seriously pple, when you eat shark you promote and fund finning, these sharks have their fins cut off alive, then their finless bodies are thrown back into the water where they drown,

check this out

"Shark populations take a long time to recover as they can take over seven years to reach maturity and they only raise one or two pups a year. Twenty species of sharks are listed as endangered by the World Conservation Union (IUCN). In a few years many species of shark could become extinct if action is not taken immediately. Populations of many shark species have fallen by over 90%. Since 1972 the number of blacktip sharks has fallen by 93%, tiger sharks by 97% and bull sharks, dusky sharks and smooth hammerheads by 99%."

Llaina R. Hemperly said...

Why do you even feel the need to eat Shark fin? Even if it were cheap? Because you're a human and think you have the right to? Do you realize the myths surround Shark fin and cartilage that they are healthy and cure illnesses are false? Do you realize how unhealthy Shark fin is because of the Mercury content? Do you realize it's not necessary to eat Shark? To eat any animal, for that matter? We've evolved past eating meat. We don't require it to live. Other species need not die horrible, painful and prolonged deaths because we feel, as humans, that we need convenience and "luxuries". Get a brain. Do some research. Pick up a book. Stop supporting an industry (full of people - one of the Earth's newest residents) that rapes and destroys a species that has been here the longest. Think about it. Sharks (and every other non-human animal) have survived on this Earth harmoniously and in ecological order until men and women appeared, who felt the urge to exploit other species for their own, short-term personal gain. Why would you support an industry like this? IT'S NOT HARD. THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES. YOU DON'T NEED MEAT, AND YOU CERTAINLY DON'T NEED SHARK FIN.

Alicia said...

Shark fin is cruel! The sharks have their fins slashed off and are thrown back into the sea bleeding and in pain. They either get eaten by other animals or bleed to death. Anyone with the most minimum amount of humanity would never eat this dish. Some people think eating shark fin is a way of preserving tradition. That's nonsense. There are many other ways of preserving tradition, must they resort to such cruelty? At this painful expense of the innocent sharks?

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