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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sharks, not humans, most at risk in ocean

A few points from a well-balanced article by Reuters.

With all these facts widely reported in the news, why are so few people listening? With every shark that is hunted and finned, the balance of the marine ecosystem slips further into peril. We need to take action now. And this action can be something as simple as saying "No thanks" to a bowl of shark fin.
Sharks, not humans, most at risk in ocean
Fri Jan 16, 2009 11:53am EST, Reuters

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Three shark attacks in Australia in two days this week sparked a global media frenzy of "Jaws" proportions, but sharks are more at risk in the ocean than humans with man killing millions of sharks each year.

Sharks are the top of the marine food chain, a powerful predator which has no match in its watery realm, until man enters the ocean.

Commercial fishing and a desire for Asian shark fin soup sees up to 100 million sharks, even protected endangered species of sharks, slaughtered around the world each year, says the Shark Research Institute (Australia).

There are 30 sharks, including the Great White, on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's threatened species list.

"Sharks need our help now and we cannot let our fear push them to the brink of extinction," says Ben Birt, from Australia's Nature Conservation Council, which has launched a "Save Our Last Sharks" campaign.

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