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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cruelty on the wedding menu

This is quite an old article, but I've never posted it before I think.

This Ruth Soh is so full of shit, shark farm sia she must really have no idea what she's talking about. If there were shark farms then why would people bother poaching in foreign waters?

People like Ruth and Janet make Singaporeans look stupid and backward. So embarassing!

Cruelty on the wedding menu
May 12, 2008 WA Today

Shark's fin consumption more than doubled in Singapore last year from 2006, with demand driven by an economic boom and an increase in wedding celebrations, a report said today.

Singapore consumed more than 470 tonnes in 2007, up from 182 tonnes the previous year and reversing a four-year decline, the Straits Times reported.

Shark's fin soup is popular at Chinese wedding banquets, where it is seen as a status symbol.

"Most of the couple's parents consider this dish a premium and without it, they would lose face," Ruth Soh, communications director at the Mandarin Oriental, told the newspaper. She said however that the hotel buys shark's fin only from fish farms.

Housewife Janet Gan was quoted as saying: "Shark's fin is a must at a wedding. It is like a birthday cake."

But Michael Aw, a marine conservationist, said more than 30 sharks have to be killed to feed a wedding banquet with 300 guests, according to the report.

"We must continue to educate the younger generation and make them see that sharks are guardians of the sea that ensure a balance in the food chain," Aw said.

The message is not lost to Melanie Tan, who will walk down the aisle next month. "I don't want to be part of the cruel act of killing sharks just to make others satisfied on my wedding day," she was quoted as saying.


Anonymous said...

I am against eating anything harvested or animals treated cruelly. I saw some video clips on u tube on how cute animals are tortured for their fur and I seriously wonder why. I felt so sorry for them. As for the article you've posted above, actually there are shark farms in the world, in China, Thailand and States too... check out this site:

I think shark fins harvested are too expensive to be bought by wedding couples as those served in hotel banquets are as small as 1cm. I also asked people who work in banquets in hotel and they said the same. So to be fair to this Ruth Soh, she might be right after all.

We should get people to stop eating shark's fins and buying fur...if the demand is low, the supply diminishes.

I recently also came across a programme on Channel News Asia commenting highly on this entreprenuer who trades sharks fins in Singapore. Think he was awarded for his success... Think somewhere in the programme it was mentioned that those fins were harvested as they were huge and mostly chinese restaurants purchase them. So I kind of believe that hotel's comm director that theirs are from farms as repetedly, I hear people saying that the ones they had for their weddings are so small, they are less than the size of thier toddlers' thumbs. Whatmore, harvested fins are too expensive to obtain and very few places serve them. I would be interested to know which restaurant serves those harvested fins. but if they are from farms, think it is not cruel.

Quotes for a bridal shower cake said...

It happens not only in Singapore, shark's fin soup is very popular in Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.
How to stop this cruelty?

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